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Self Pack Removals Container Hire

Want to save money on your local or interstate removalists, then our Self Pack Removals containers are what you're looking for. If you're looking to save money on your move, but don't want to transport it yourself, especially driving a large rental truck over a long distance or through a major city, then self pack removals is for you.
It couldn't be easier, and stress free. We will drop off a self pack removals containerat your location, leaving you as much time you need to pack and load. After the container(s) are loaded, we will transport them to your new destination. Our self pack removals containers are weather-resistant and are usually left on your front lawn or in the drive-way; in a spot that's most convenient for you.
Once you have unpacked your belongings, we will then come to collect the self pack removals container, it's that easy.
By doing the loading and packing yourself, you can save money on hourly fees charged by local removalist companies. Prices are usually based on the number of containers you use and the distance they have to travel. If you would like to discuss your transport options then please contact one of our experienced staff at PCS Furniture Removalists today.

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Self Pack Removals - Furniture Removalists

Port Container Services specialise in Self Pack Removals. If you looking to move on a tight budget and have a large load that needs transporting, consider our self pack removals option.

So what is Self Pack Removals?
We will drop a Self Pack Removals container to your location and leave it there for you to load at your leisure. Once you have packed your Self Pack Removals container we will transport it to your destination and left for you to unpack at your own pace.

What size is a Self Pack Removals container?
Our standard Self Pack Removals containers are actually 20' shipping containers that can hold approximately 37 cubic metres of furniture. You should easily fill the contents of a 2 - 3 bedroom house into one of our Self Pack Removals containers and will save you time and money compared to your traditional removalist services. 10' and 40' Self Pack Removals containers are also available.

Port Container Services specialise in modified site office shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Accommodation Units, Site Offices, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today.


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