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Modified Shipping Containers and Site Offices

Port Container Services specialise in the design and manufacture of modified shipping containers such as site offices. We specialise in a variety of modified shipping containers that include site sheds, portable workshops, dangerous goods shipping containers and accommodation units. We have a team of skilled container engineers that create shipping container solutions to suit your needs. Our modified shipping containers are custom designed and constructed to meet your requirments.

Accommodation Units
The ultimate challange in shipping container modifications are our accommodation unit containers. As everyone is different, so are our accommodation units as they are built to suit your requirements. Shipping container homes are quickly becoming a sought after product in terms of sustainable living. We can build a new accommodation unit from upto 85% recycled materials which make any environmentally cautious person wide eyed. For more information please click on accommodation units for sale.

Site Offices
Site offices are a great example of our shipping container modifications. The building industry rely on site offices on a daily basis to stage there early morning meetings to organise contractors and there developments. Site offices are normally powered and can be fitted with numerous site office accessories. Click here to find out more on our site offices for sale.

Portable Workshops
Portable workshops are a handy resource at any work site. They can be fitted with all the right tools to create a functional work house that get the job done. Theses modified shipping containers can be fitted with workbenches, gantry systems, industrial shelving and much much more. Click here to find out more on our portable workshops for sale.

Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers
If you are transporting or storing hazardous goods then a standard shipping container will not do. Our dangerous goods shipping containers are built to hold 'Class 3' hazardous goods and are built to Australian standards. Our expert engineers take care when developing our shipping container modifications, so if you would like to find out more on our dangerous goods shipping containers for sale then click here.

Below you can find more examples of shipping container modifications that Port Container Services have developed over the years.

Modified Container
Modified Storage Containers
Gantry System
modified storage container
dangerouse goods storage container
Modified Container Bar
modified portable workshop
portable buildings
container modifications
storage container modifications

Port Container Services specialise in modified site office shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Accommodation Units, Site Offices, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today.


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