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Site Offices & Shipping Container Products

site office For Sale | portable granny flat accommodation

Port Container Services supply high quality shipping container products across Australia, but di you know they specialise in site offices? Our site offices are constructed from new and used shipping containers and can be custom built to your specifications. Site offices are portable buildings that can be transported easy to the location in need. These modular office containers can be fitted with numerous site office accessories to increase funtionality. Our site offices come in the standar shipping container sizes - 10' site office, 20' site office and 40' site office portable buildings. If you are intersted in buying a modular office or would just like to know more about our site offices then give us a call. Our friendly staff can help you with any of your site office enquiries and can send you a price guide on request, or fill in our instant site office quote now.

Below you can find more information on our site offices for sale or click shipping container products button for more modified shipping container products.

New Site Offices that wont cost you a fortune
Compared to alternative means of office construction, our portable buildings wont cost you a fortune and are a practical solution to all your modular office needs. Our site offices can be fitted out with numerous site office accessories such as doors and windows, desks and shelving, kitchenettes, bulkhead walls, phone and data, air conditioning and many more accessories to choose from (just see our site office accessories page).

modular office for sale

Our site offices are easily transportable and can be delivered directly to your door. All that is need is a near level area to place the portable building, and a connection to power either by connecting directly to the mains or to a generator (if the site office requires power.

Portable Buildings For Sale

Port Container Services are experts when it comes to modular offices and portable buildings which provide flexibility and the space to create a quality working environment.

Site offices offer significant advantages compared to conventional buildings and other manufacturers. Portable buildings are flexible as they can be moved, enlarged by adding extra modules and can even be sold when you no longer require them. Did you know that portable buildings are a green solution. They are a key way to practice responsibility toward the environment. Pre-fabrication keeps waste to a minimum, permits disassembly to reduce the demand for raw materials, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding site environment. Our site offices provide reduced site disruption. Installation is fast and efficient as our modular office installations can be as quick as a few days for smaller complexes. Port Container Services offer financial savings - savings from 25% - 50% compared to traditional onsite construction. Our site offices are constructed with more consistent quality as thay are constructed in a controlled environment with factory quality systems in place to ensure consistent work every time. Also, our portable bulidings are completed in a shorter time period. Construction is never delayed by the weather as all work takes place in a factory.

Port Container Services is an Australian owned company manufacturing portable buildings including portable site offices, modular building, prefabricated modular buildings & transportable building for a wide range of industry sectors including education, mining and resources, building and construction, government and utilities, commercial and industrial and retail sectors. Our dedicated team of site office designers can produce a diverse range of portable buildings including amenities, accommodation units, dangerous goods storage containers and portable workshops.

Whatever your requirements, Port Container Services can supply you with the best solution for your needs.

Port Container Services specialise in modified site office shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Accommodation Units, Site Offices, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today.


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